Peel Season

Peel Season

We have now officially entered Peel Season! With the temperatures cooling down, Fall and Winter are the best times to get a chemical peel because daylight hours are shorter and you can stay indoors for longer periods of time, lowering the exposure to harmful UV rays. All of the sunshine that you enjoyed so much over the Summer has left your skin with sun damage, degraded collagen, weakened elastin, and hyperpigmentation. Getting a chemical peel will exfoliate your skin, allowing you to achieve a healthy, no-makeup glow.

VI Peels
Chemical peels are procedures in which acids are applied to the skin to remove the top layers that are made of dead skin cells. They are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars, and the skin that grows back is smoother and healthier. VI Peels are multi-tasking, skin-resurfacing, medium-depth chemical peels that function both on the epidermis and the dermis to improve skin conditions. There are 5 custom blends that target different skin concerns and are safe for all skin types. They also enhance and accelerate combination treatment results.

VI Peel Original is the essential peel for tone and texture, Keratosis Pilaris, and safe for sensitive skin.

VI Peel Advanced is the deepest peel and enhances collagen stimulation to treat aging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

VI Peel Precision Plus combats irregular pigmentation with the addition of hydroquinone and kojic acid.

VI Peel Purify has the additions of benzoyl peroxide and hydrocortisone for oily skin and acne.

VI Peel Purify With Precision Plus treats hyperpigmentation and acne scarring with the benefits of the Purify line combined with the Precision Plus Lighten and Brighten Boosters.

As you start to prepare for the upcoming Winter Holiday, get a VI Peel today to give yourself ample time to heal your brand new skin and look your very best.

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