Since quarantine began, for those who have been able to work from home, there have been non-stop virtual meetings. It’s natural for us to get lazy and not care about our appearance when we’re staying at home all the time, but we should still make the effort to look our best. For those of you who do put on your everyday makeup and style your hair before a video conference, have you ever been surprised by the way you appear on screen? Even though you look great in person, you may appear washed out or frumpy on camera. Here are some tips to look your best for Virtual Meetings.

Skin Prep

The best skin preparation for makeup is having amazing, moisturized skin. Begin your skin care regimen with the VI Derm Beauty Gentle Purifying Cleanser, and don’t forget SPF even if you are indoors because damaging UVA rays can still penetrate through your windows! Our VI Derm Beauty SPF 50 Daily UV Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is lightweight and leaves a dry finish on your skin.


Makeup is very important when you are on screen. Natural, medium coverage works best because you don’t want your makeup to look caked on or like you don’t have any on at all either.


Style your hair normally as you would when you go into the office or workspace. Tying your hair back every day when you don’t usually do so may make you look lazy.


Wear a comfortable top or blouse that you would usually wear to the office. Not only will you look professional, but you will also feel relaxed all day at home. Opt for colors that are not too loud and bright and will complement your skin tone.


Sit facing a window, but not directly in sunlight. You want your face to be illuminated and not blasted by light that will wash out your features. Soft, ambient light and ring lights are great alternative lighting options.


People often associate a cluttered workspace with your work style, so before a virtual meeting, try to clean up your room or office space a little. You want to appear organized and put together.

We’ve all had to learn to modify our work and lifestyle since working from home. Don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health. We are all in this together and will come out of this difficult time together.