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Vitality Institute Medical Products is the manufacturer of a cutting edge line of pharmaceutical-grade products for beautiful skin… Skin that is properly maintained with regular peels and the proper skincare regime stays healthy, youthful, and radiant at every age.

The Vitality Institute Skin Care System…

This innovative skincare product is produced in America by Dr. Abdala Kalil.

Specially formulated to treat Acne…

Dr. Abdala Kalil created the original version of the VI PEEL™ to treat his teenage daughter’s acne. At the onset of his daughter’s acne, Dr. Kalil began to create a succession of peels, and each was an advancement of its own kind.

Clear, radiant skin…

Today the Vitality Institute Skin Care System treats a wide range of skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation including melasma, acne, and premature aging.

With more than 10 million VI peel sold worldwide, The Vitality Institute has a range of medical-grade skincare products that we proudly offer to our customers. These products include cleansers and moisturizers that should be part of your daily skincare routine. Facial peels should also be worked into the regime on a regular basis. Getting into the habit of caring for your skin with the best skincare products available will arm you against premature aging.​

The VI Peel is a skin-resurfacing chemical peel that stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover to reveal smoother and more radiant skin.

In just 15 years, over 10 million peels have been performed worldwide and VI-Peel has been recognized by both consumer groups and industry leaders as the #1 Peel.

VI Peel has a peel for each skin concern.
With 5 custom blends targeted for each patients’ needs, VI Peel helps treat all skin concerns such as aging skin, active acne, acne scarring, melasma, sun damage, keratosis pilaris and much more.

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