The Makeup Dilemma

Having to constantly wear makeup, especially in the hot summer months, can take a toll on the health of your skin. Not to mention, if you already have skin concerns, such as acne, using makeup to cover the blemishes will actually make the problem worse.

The Reason

The summer heat causes blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow to the skin, opening pores. As the body starts to perspire, makeup not only traps the sweat and bacteria, causing pores to clog, but also prevents skin from releasing heat properly. Over time, this leads to enlarged pores and blackheads. Additionally, when heat is trapped it can cause a flare up of temperature-sensitive conditions, such as rosacea, ultimately leading to redness and uneven skin tone.

Go Makeup Free

During the summer months, we recommend that you use minimal amounts of makeup. If you are unwilling to ditch the compact case, then a VI Peel is a great alternative. It will dry the skin, suppress the oil, and clear out the pores.